Felt Ball Rug ~ the right place to find the best quality felt ball rug online

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Felt Ball Rug ~ The right place to purchase the best quality felt ball rug

Are you thinking of buying the best quality felt ball rug online for your home, office, kids room or baby nursery and do not know where to look for? If so Mimosa Crafts is the best choice for any types of felt ball rug, felt ball accessories and other unique handmade crafts.



Mimosa Crafts is one of the leading seller for the best quality felt ball rug selling online worldwide from two locaions; Australia and Nepal. Mimosa Crafts offers felt ball rug in more than 50 colour combinations. You can choose your preferred colour combination from these collections. Some of the popular and  featured rugs are multicolour felt ball rug, marshmallow felt ball rug, monochrome felt ball rug, aura felt ball rug and more.



What If you are not happy with those colour combinations?

If you did not like any of the pre-made designs, sizes and colour combination. You still have an option to order your preferred custom design felt ball rug. You can choose your own colour felt balls from the colour chart to exactly match your needs.The process of ordering custom felt ball rug is very simple. You can place an order for custom design rug in 5 easy steps. 

Step 1.   Take a note of your preferred colours (codes) from the colour chart.

Step 2.   Choose  your preferred size from the available options. (Did not find your preferred size - Go to the note below)

Step 3.   Click on add to cart.

Step 4.   Go to the checkout page through the cart icon on the right hand top corner.

Step 5.   Leave a note for your preferred colour codes in the "Add Comments About Your Order" section on checkout page. 

Thats's it! And the rest will be taken care by Mimosa Crafts till the rug is delivered to your doorstep. 

Note: If you would like to order your custom size other than the available options, then skip above steps and contact seller directly with your preferred size & colour codes from  here.




That’s it!

We are sure you and your loved ones will be delighted with our felt ball rugs.


Why buy from Mimosa Crafts?

  1. We make the best quality Felt Ball Rug ~ Our felt ball rugs are made of 100% solid woollen felt balls
  2. Our handmade felt ball rugs are guaranteed to meet or exceed the size. Normally you will find 1 to 2 cm less than the mentioned size in the market
  3. We believe in fair trade and all handmade products are completely child labour free
  4. We provide 30 days money back guarantee
  5. Our felt ball rugs are eco-friendly because we do not use harmful chemical while making

So what are you looking for? Order your preferred design felt ball rug Today.

Bring your dream design to life!


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